My Mortal Enemy Themes

My Mortal Enemy Themes

A right choice

Everybody is familiar with the problem of the choice, when our life depends on our decisions. Myra Henshawe also had this issue when she was a young lady. Her uncle didn’t like Oswald Henshawe and, as her ward, was against their marriage. And Myra had to choose between her uncle’s money and the man she loved. And she has chosen the second option. Now, when many years passed, she regrets about her choice, she says that she was young stupid and she and Oswald ruined each other’s lives. They could be happy, but it is too late now. It often happens that we regret our choice and think over, how our life would be if we made another, the right choice. But, the problem is, that there is no right and wrong choice, we are to be responsible for our decisions.


Marriage is a great step forward and it not every couple is ready for that step – they are too young and enthusiastic, don’t ready to compromise, want to change their partner and so on. In this situation the marriage is a mistake and everything ends like “we ruined each other’s lives” as it was with Mr. and Mrs. Henshawe. Mary regrets about her marriage, but it is too late to change anything, and nothing can be done with it – it was her choice, she was young and in love and now she is old skeptical woman who believes just in the power of money. Marriage is a mistake for her.


The theme of money is the central in the story. Being young, Myra doesn’t care much about it; she chooses love, but after many years, having felt the taste of luxurious life, she changed her mind. Money is vital need, a protection, a cloak. She can do whatever she wants and she can have whatever she wants, money give power and freedom. And there is no greater loss than the loss of money. Everything loses its sense – people don’t want to be your friends anymore, you’ve lost your position and now you are nothing. That is the way Myra felt when Nellie met her in ten years. The old woman wished she could turn back the time and choose money, not love, because love couldn’t bring her so much happiness, as money would.

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