My Mortal Enemy Irony

My Mortal Enemy Irony

Noting is more tiresome than being clever

Myra Henshawe is skeptical toward woman’s education, she considers that there is nothing to be proud about in being smart; moreover, it even spoils young ladies, as she said to Nellie: “It’s all very well to be clever, my dear, but you mustn’t be solemn about it – nothing is more tiresome. ” Myra is convinced that the educated people are dull and there is nothing interesting about them. The irony is that education – a thing that makes people more interesting, is boring for this woman.

The simple way of finding admiration

Everybody liked Myra Henshawe, because she was a pleasant and friendly woman, but the woman had a little secret how show her real attitude to a person. When she liked people, she always called them by name a great many times while talking to them: “she enunciated the name, no matter how commonplace, in a penetrating way, without hurrying over or slurring it; and this, accompanied by her singularly direct glance, had a curious effect.” It is ironic, that the woman can charm people with the help of such hardly noticeable tricks.

Don’t pamper and humour the women, otherwise she will be unreasonable with you

Aunt Lydia sympathies with Oswald, she says that he loves his wife too much and doesn’t think about himself: “Everything is always for Myra. He never gets anything for himself. And all the admiration is for her; why shouldn't he have a little?”. Man shouldn’t love the woman so strongly, because she starts to be unreasonable with such a man. The irony is that the man has to love woman, but not too much, and it is the recipe of happy marriage.

Women’s tricks

Mrs. Henshawe is a jealous wife, she doesn’t trust her husband. One day she stole his keys because she didn’t believe that they open a safety deposit box, so she went to the bank and asked. Oswald thought that she was ridiculous and humiliated in the bank, but his wife said that he shouldn’t worry about it, because she knows how to get information without giving any. This is the nature of woman – get what she wants and not give anything in response.

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