My Mortal Enemy Characters

My Mortal Enemy Character List

Myra Henshawe

She is the protagonist of the story, and is depicted in two periods of life – as a young woman, who likes to communicate with interesting people, she is not fool, but too jealous. And as an old female, who has two fatal maladies, lives in poverty and constantly abuses in it her husband, who does his best to earn money for her living. Myra has a special charm and everybody loves her, but she also has something evil in her smile, something terrible, as the narrator noticed. She regrets about her marriage and thinks that money can solve all her problems. She hates being poor, for her there is no the worst thing in the whole world. But, she is not so down to earth person as it may seem, she loves nature, especially dawns at the Pacific, and before her death she runs away from her little room with “poisonous” air to see the last dawn in her life.


She is a young lady, the narrator of the story. She met Myra when she was 15 and this woman charmed her, she liked to spend time together with her, she liked to listen to her stories, every moment with Mrs. Henshawe was pleasure for Nellie. But, at the same time, Nellie noticed every tiny change in her face, and could say whether Myra is sincere or not. When Nellie meets her in 10 years, her feelings are even stronger than before– she sympathizes with the old and ill woman. Myra turned into and spent with her as much time as she can. Nellie is a poor young girl, all her strength she wastes on her studying and work, but she never misses the opportunity to talk with Myra. The old woman was her soul mate.

Oswald Henshawe

He is Myra’s husband. His love to her is boundless; he forgives her everything – her jealousy, constant reproaches and even accusation that he has ruined her life. She calls him her mortal enemy and regrets marrying him and Oswald just bitterly smiles, wears his old suit and goes to work to provide his wife with all that she needs. After her death he goes to Alaska, because he can’t stand living in the old poor hotel room where the love of his life died. He never said a bad word about Myra, he knew that she was not perfect, but she was his woman and he has never loved anyone so strong and desperately.

Aunt Lydia

She is Nellie’s aunt, who had three sons and no daughter; her niece was thus like the daughter she never had. She loved her dreadfully and liked to spend time with Nellie. Aunt Lydia was a friendly person and did all her best for her lovely niece, she took her for walks, introduced her to interesting people and it was Lydia, who had introduced her to Myra, this charmed woman with unique fate.

John Driscoll

He is Myra’s uncle, the old man who raised the girl and, obviously, wanted the best for her. Oswald Henshawe wasn’t the men she needed, he was too young and poor, so he forbidden Myra to marry him. But his niece didn’t obey and he had left her no money for living. Although John loved Myra, he was a man of strict rules and couldn’t stay disobedience - Myra made her choice and she had to take responsibility for it – it was his position.

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