Mockingjay Glossary


Citizens of Panem who have been convicted of treason against the Capitol and punished with the loss of their tongues. Avoxes (like Pollux) are servants in the Capitol and often have to travel underground to perform duties that normal citizens consider undesirable.

Beauty Base Zero

The Capitol term for a flawless, natural makeup look (as opposed to the heavy face-paint many Capitol citizens prefer).


Refers to both the central government of Panem and the city where it is located. The Capitol is surrounded on all sides by 12 Districts, each of which provide the Capitol with some service or goods (like mining, fishing, etc). Capitol citizens live pampered, luxurious lives at the expense of the District citizens. For most of the Hunger Games series, the Capitol is led by President Coriolanus Snow.

Dark Days

The name for the previous uprising of the districts against the Capitol during which District 13 was supposedly destroyed. The Capitol quashed the rebellion and enforced the Treaty of Treason to restore peace. The Hunger Games tradition is the Capitol's ongoing punishment against the Districts as a reminder of the consequences of a rebellion.

District 13

All of Panem believed that District 13 was destroyed during the Dark Days. Before then, it had been the site for the Capitol's secret nuclear arms development program. However, fearing nuclear retribution, the Capitol allowed District 13 to function independently and not participate in the Hunger Games. District 13 (under Alma Coin's leadership) has actually been building up an underground society, and becomes the HQ of the Districts' uprising against the Capitol.


A Capitol form of torture: using tracker jacker venom to associate a person's fear with certain memories.


A device that displays Plutarch's holograph (a map of the pods hidden in the Capitol). The holo only responds to one person's voice and has to be manually transferred to another. It can be a bomb if thrown with the command "Nightlock" repeated thrice.


Vehicles used across Panem (mostly by the Capitol) for aerial transportation.


A species of bird that resulted from the cross-breeding between mockingbirds and jabberjays. They can repeat certain sounds and whistle songs.


A narcotic painkiller that can be extremely addictive. Morphling addicts are also known as "Morphlings."


Genetically altered creatures created by the Capitol as a weapon against their enemies.


A type of poisonous berry that is lethal upon consumption. The rebels carry "nightlock" pills to eat in case of capture by the Capitol.

Panem et Circenses

Latin for "Bread and Circuses." It indicates that citizens give up their political rights when the government provides food and entertainment; the term is used in the novels to indicate the Capitol's use of excess to deprive Panem's citizens of their freedom.


The Capitol's security forces and main agents of oppression in the Districts.


A Capitol-designed weapon that unleashes some kind of obstacle when detonated. Pods can contain anything from muttations to deadly gel to skin-melting beams of light. Holos reveal the placement of pods in the Capitol.

Prep Team

The stylist, hairstylist, and makeup professionals who "beautify" the tributes (by Capitol standards) during the Hunger Games. Katniss's prep team consists of Cinna (deceased) as well as Venia, Flavius, and Octavia.


Short for "propaganda," the Capitol and rebels both use video messages to garner support from the citizens of Panem.

Quarter Quell

A special version of the Hunger Games that takes place every 25 years. These Games each contain some kind of twist; like having tributes reaped from surviving victors.

the Transfer

Underground tunnels mimicking the streets aboveground in the Capitol. This underground network is used for transport and lined with pods, as well.

Tracker Jackers

Wasp-like muttations designed by the Capitol. Their venom can cause hallucinations and can be lethal in large doses.

Victors' Village

A group of nicer houses in each District where only Victors of the Hunger Games can live.