Mockingjay Character List

Alma Coin

The cold and tactical President of District 13. She is about 50 years old with long gray hair and leads the districts against the Capitol. She does not like Katniss but tolerates her because the Mockingjay is crucial to the rebellion. After the rebels overthrow President Snow, Coin tries to establish a new Hunger Games with Capitol children. Realizing that the new government of Panem has many similarities to the old one, Katniss publicly kills Coin.


A former inventor from District 3 who won an earlier Hunger Games. He works in Weapons Development for the resistance and lives in District 13 throughout the rebellion. With Gale's help, Beetee creates the double-exploding bombs that kill Primrose.


Prim's cat, and, according to Katniss, "the ugliest tomcat in the world." She finds her way back to Katniss's home in Victors' Village after the end of the rebellion.


Coin's right-hand man who later becomes Katniss's protector after she takes on the role of the Mockingjay. He is honest and proves himself trustworthy to Katniss, alerting her to the fact that Coin wants her dead. He is the leader of the "Star Squad," a group of sharpshooters who serve as the faces of the rebellion for the media. Boggs is killed by a pod during the rebels' final raid on the Capitol.

Caesar Flickerman

The host of the Hunger Games telecasts and a Capitol TV Star. He is known for putting a positive spin on any story.

Finnick Odair

A male victor from District 4 who won the Hunger Games at the age of 14. He also survived the Quarter Quell (the 75th Hunger Games). At the beginning of Mockingjay, Finnick is devastated over the fact that his beloved, Annie Cresta, is imprisoned in the Capitol. They marry after she is rescued. Finnick dies in the final uprising. Annie later gives birth to his son.

Fulvia Cardew

Plutarch Heavensbee's calculating assistant, originally from the Capitol. She wants Katniss to be heavily made up and styled for her propos, but as Haymitch points out, Katniss does not come across well unless she's being herself.

Gale Hawthorne

Katniss's best friend and hunting partner from District 12. Gale has been in love with Katniss for a long time. As the rebellion blossoms, his tactics become increasingly brutal. Along with Beetee, Gale develops weaponry that eventually leads to Prim's death - and Katniss can never forgive him for this. After the rebellion, he eventually moves to District 2 for a government job.

Katniss Everdeen

The teenage protagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy. She grew up in the poorest part of District 12, the daughter of a miner and a healer. After her father died in a mining accident, Katniss became the primary caretaker for her younger sister, Primrose. Katniss is a skilled hunter and fiercely independent - leading to her victory in the first Hunger Games and her eventual position as the titular Mockingjay. She is confused about her romantic feelings for both Gale Hawthorne and Peeta Mellark; and often has difficulty being vulnerable. She always acts in the best interest of her loved ones and tends to follow her instincts.

Peeta Mellark

The son of a baker who also grew up in District 12, though he was not as poor as Katniss. One time, he saved her and her family from starving by purposely burning bread and throwing it to her. He is loyal and steadfast, never straying from his commitment to protect Katniss at any cost. He is captured by Capitol forces at the end of the Quarter Quell, and for the first half of Mockingjay, President Snow uses him as a weapon to torture Katniss. When he finally returns to District 13, he has been "hijacked" to believe that Katniss is his enemy. After the war ends, Peeta and Katniss both end up back in District 12. They end up becoming romantically involved again and eventually have two children together.

Primrose Everdeen

Katniss's younger sister, nicknamed "Prim." She has matured significantly in Mockingjay and works as a medic in District 13. She is killed by the rebels' double-exploding bomb while trying to assist injured children in the Capitol.


Octavia, Venia, and Flavius: Katniss's loyal prep team from the Capitol. They have difficulty adjusting to the lean, military lifestyle n District 13.

Plutarch Heavensbee

Formerly served as the Head Gamemaker for the Hunger Games while secretly working to overthrow the Capitol. After the rebellion, he becomes the Secretary for Communications under President Paylor.


A documentary film director from the Capitol who is in charge of capturing footage of Katniss to use for propos.

President Snow

The ruthless former President of Panem. Finnick Odair reveals that Snow rose to power by poisoning his allies (lest they became enemies). He escaped suspicion by drinking the poison himself, and he wears roses to cover the smell. After Snow's defeat, he points out to Katniss that Coin manipulated her way into power by pitting Snow and Katniss against each other, leaving District 13 mostly intact. He is eventually killed in a mob.

Haymitch Abernathy

Peeta and Katniss's mentor during the 74th Hunger Games, as he won the previous Quarter Quell as the male tribute from District 12. He is a raging alcoholic but manages to function as part of the rebellion. He and Katniss share a mutual understanding that they must protect Peeta at any cost. After the rebellion, both Katniss and Haymitch return to District 12, as there is no place for either of them in the Capitol anymore.

Greasy Sae

A black market vendor and cook who Katniss and Gale used to sell meat to in District 12. She works as a cook in District 13. After the rebellion, she and her granddaughter visit Katniss in the Victor's Village to feed her and keep house.

Katniss's Mother

A healer and widow, mother to Katniss and Primrose. She works in the District 13 hospital as a nurse. After Prim's death, she opens her own hospital in District 4.

Annie Cresta

The winner of the 70th Hunger Games from District 4. Her mental state is fragile, even more so after the Capitol imprisons her. She marries Finnick Odair and after his death, gives birth to their son.


A cameraman who works with Cressida filming Katniss's propos. He is an Avox and worked in the Transfer (utility passageways underneath the Capitol) - so he is very useful in guiding Squad 451 to President Snow's mansion.

Johanna Mason

The prickly, abrasive victor of the 71st Hunger Games from District 7. The Capitol captures and tortures her after the Quarter Quell. After she is rescued, she has an addiction to morphling. She and Katniss go into training with the intent of fighting alongside the rebels in the Capitol. However, Johanna has a flashback and falls apart, rendering her unable to go into battle.

Delly Cartwright

A sweet girl from District 12 and Peeta's childhood friend. She is one of the only people who can calm Peeta down after he is hijacked by the Capitol.


The District 2 Commander and also a previous Hunger Games victor who is a member of the rebellion.


Former Hunger Games Stylist and friend of Plutarch who now runs a fur underwear shop in the Capitol and has terrible surgical enhancement. She provides Squad 451 with refuge during the rebels' final raid in the Capitol.


A cameraman who works with Cressida alongside his brother, Pollux. He dies during the final uprising of the rebellion.

Commander Paylor

A brave, young Commander who leads the rebellion in District 8. After Katniss assassinates Coin, Commander Paylor is sworn in as President of Panem.


The assistant to Cressida during the filming of Katniss's propos. Slim and pierced, he is from the Capitol and helps the Star Squad navigate during the final raid. He dies underground after stepping on a pod.

Dr. Aurelius

The doctor in District 13 who takes care of the mentally unstable patients. He treats Katniss and serves as a star witness in Katniss's trial after she kills President Coin, arguing an insanity plea.