Marriage is a Private Affair Background

Marriage is a Private Affair Background

Written by Nigerian-born author Chinua Achebe, Marriage is a Private Affair tells the story of two young people named Nene and Nnaemeka who want to get married. The problem is, their parents don't want them to get married because their parents are part of the Igbo tribe, which believes that parents should arrange marriages for their children. Since Nnaemeka's father has already picked a woman for the son, the son will have to decide how to break the news to the father he decides to tell the dad in-person. Understandably, the father is enraged by his son's actions, which leads to a strained relationship between the two.

In the end, Nene and Nnaemeka get married and Nnaemeka's relationship with his father is next to nothing. When Nnaemeka sends the wedding photo the father is insulted and tear the photos. Ultimately, Nnaemeka's father decides that he wants to have nothing to do with his son. Regardless, Nnaemeka and Nene continue their relationship.

Although Marriage is a Private Affair is not as widely liked as some of Achebe's other works, it is still well-respected. A reviewer who loved the story wrote that the story was still "relevant" today. Another simply remarked that they "enjoyed the piece," rating it 5 stars.

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