Love's Labour's Lost Literary Elements

Love's Labour's Lost Literary Elements





Setting and Context

The action takes place in the kingdom of Navarre, at the King’s court.

Narrator and Point of View

Since this is a play, there no narrator or point of view.

Tone and Mood

Ironic, comic, and playful

Protagonist and Antagonist

There are no protagonists and antagonists in this play.

Major Conflict

The major conflict is between the men and the women in the play. This conflict is the direct result of the fact that the men believe that trying to woo women will stop them from achieving a greater knowledge.


The play reaches its climax when the men realize that talking with women will not stop them from achieving knowledge.


The idea that men will fail in trying to keep their oath and not speak with women is foreshadowed in the first act when the arrival of a French princess is announced.


When one of the King’s men realizes that the King will not be able to keep the oath, he foreshadowed that the King will talk with the princess. This however proves to be an understatement as the King ended up falling in love with the princess.




The fact that the princess is from France is not a coincidence and is actually linked with the way England portrayed France during Shakespeare’s time. France was the land where culture and beauty originated. But it was also seen as the land from where temptation comes from in the form of beautiful women. Thus, France is portrayed here as the place where beauty comes from.




A parallel can be drawn between the King and the Princess. They both have big ambitions, wishing for fame and wealth but yet they different ideas on how to acquire it. The King hopes to become famous by gathering more knowledge while the princess hopes to do that by marring the King.


In the third act, ‘’As swift as lead..’’

Use of Dramatic Devices

The dramatic monologue in the play has an important role because it offers an insight inside the character’s mind. Through those monologues, the reader and spectator can understand that what the characters say is not always what they mean and that there is a discrepancy between their desires and actions.

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