Love's Labour's Lost Irony

Love's Labour's Lost Irony

Learning to become famous

While the reader may be inclined to initially think that the reason why the king and his men pursue knowledge is for a noble cause, the King reveals shortly after the beginning of the play that the reason why they want to focus on becoming learned men is to gain fame. This reason is seen as being ironic, considering how much they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their goal.

Fast to fall in love

The character who was almost certain that he will not fall in love was the King. He claimed that he will be able to resist the princess no matter what and that he will keep his oath for the duration of three years. This statement is ironic considering how he was the first one to fall in love and the one who suggested that they should give up their oath.

Knowledge found outside civilization

The realization that knowledge is not found inside the walls of the castle but instead outside of it, in the middle of nature is seen as being ironical. The male characters tried to guard themselves from the outside world, considering it to be dangerous. In the end however, they venture into the world outside the castle walls searching for love and knowledge.

Women and angels

The general impression given by the characters is that women are evil. They are seen as beings men should keep their distance off and are associated with lack of knowledge. However, it is ironical to see that they are often described as angelical creatures, full of light and contrasting with the dark and brooding men who deny the every-day pleasures in favor of learning and running after fame.

Pregnant lady

The beginning of the play presents a second conflict which involves a nobleman, Don Adriano, and a peasant named Costard. Don Adriano came before the King to bring before him a pressing problem; Costard was courting a noble lady named Jaquenetta and Don Adriano saw their relationship as being inappropriate. Ironically, at the end of the play is revealed that the person who behaved in an improper manner was Don Adriano who ended impregnating Jaquenetta.

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