Little Dorrit Quotes


’’weighed, measured, and priced everything: for whom what could not be weighed, measured and priced, had no existence"

Arthur Clennam

When Arthur describes his parents, he describes them as being very materialistic. For them, abstract notions like love had no meaning because there was no way they could measure it. Arthur’s parents can be considered as being the typical representation for the greedy English society who only cared about material things and put them on the first place in their life.

"be, again, a foil to his pretty daughter, a slave to her pleasant willfulness, and a toy in the house showing the goodness of the family. You can have your droll name again, playfully pointing you out and setting you apart, as it is right that you should be pointed out and set apart. You can again be shown to this gentleman's daughter, Harriet, and kept before her, as a living reminder of her own superiority and her gracious condescension"

Miss Wade

Miss Wade presents a different point if view regarding the reason why the Meagles family took Tattycoram to live with them. According to Miss Wade, the Meagles family wanted to show the others how good they are and how they are better than the others because they were willing to raise someone else’s child. According to Miss Wade, Tattycome is a living reminder that the Meagles family is better than anyone else and also as a way to remind the others that they are good people who are interested in doing good deeds.

"I find that I think, my dear Frederick, and with mixed emotions in which a softened compassion predominates, What will they do without me!"

Mr. Dorrit

Before leaving the debtors’ prison, Mr. Dorrit took a walk around the prison with his brother, Frederick. His words prove that Mr. Dorrit thought of himself as being indispensable, someone without whom the prisoners will be lost. Mr. Dorrit considers that his presence is crucial for other people and that he is superior to those around him.

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