Little Dorrit Background

Little Dorrit Background

Little Dorrit is a novel written by Charles Dickens published between 1855 and 1857. The book was published in serial form and was divided into nineteen parts , each sold separately. Each installment was illustrated by Hablot Knight Browne and had approximately 30 pages. The novel Little Dorrit is among the last novels written by Charles Dickens and it continues to follow the patterns Dickens set in his previous novels.

A great deal of importance is given to describing the conditions in which debtors lived in the debtors prisons that existed then. The prison in which Mr. Dorrit is being held is described in great detail. The prison where the Dorrit family is imprisoned is the same prion where Charles’ s own father was imprisoned, the writer using his own memories and experience as a base for the novel. The novel can be considered as being a social novel, Dickens focusing on the lives of the working class and satirizes the incompetence of the government when trying to help them.

The Government department called the Circumlocution Office is a clear description on how Dickens saw the Government in his time and a description of the general incompetence of the ruling class.

While Little Dorrit is outshined by other novels written by Charles Dickens, it remains in the history of literature as a masterpiece still appreciated today.

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