Let the Circle be Unbroken

Let the Circle be Unbroken Imagery


Many of the most compelling images in the novel consist of the family members gathered around a warm fire, telling stories, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. These moments are potent because they show how the Logans and other black families found solace from racism and economic deprivation in their families and friends.


Cassie stares at herself critically in the mirror, looking at all her features and trying to decide whether or not she will be as pretty as Suzella. We get a good idea of what she looks like and we also can vividly see this young girl standing before a mirror and assessing her beauty.

The Procession

Taylor creates a memorable image with the procession of downtrodden and angry dispossessed farmers. They walk slowly into town, their belongings piled high, their family members glumly walking by their sides. They are the perfect picture of the Depression's deleterious effects.


The scene with Stuart instructing Bud to take off his clothes in front of an anguished Suzella and confused Cassie and her brothers is stunningly memorable. It is easy to picture the humiliated and emasculated Bud as he shivers in his shorts; it is a perfect example of the cruelty of whites.