Killing Rage: Ending Racism Characters

Killing Rage: Ending Racism Character List

bell hooks

bell hooks (intentional lowercase, by hooks's own convention) is the name of the author and is also the name given to the main character in the book, a black woman who suffers through discrimination in many different ways. As it turns out, this main character represents bell hooks in real life as this anthology is non-fiction. bell is a black lady who has felt discrimination from people fighting for gender rights as well as people fighting for racial rights, making her feel extremely isolated and lonely. bell also has an extreme feeling of rage roaring within her and her anger makes her, at times, want to murder the people who hurt and discriminate against her. However, as a person, she possesses extremely strong self-control and is able to maintain herself. bell hooks is an extremely well-educated individual who has obtained a Ph.D. from the distinguished Stanford University.


We can infer that K is not her real name, and that her true identity has been covered to protect her. However, we do know what kind of person she is. K is bell's best friend and perseveres with her as she suffers from discrimination throughout her life, as K is also a black woman. One part we see K play an influential role is in the essay where bell and K are forced to leave the first class seats they had purchased because of the harassment they face from the white people who don't believe them. K is a short, stubby lady who is more patient than bell is and tries to limit the rage bell feels within herself.

Cabbie Driver

This cabbie driver is a white man who works a taxi in New York City. When bell hooks and K hail him for a cab ride to the airport, he tells them that he doesn't want to go and would rather not drop them off. However, bell threatens him and tells the cabbie driver that she will report him if he does not drop them off to the airport, so he is forced to drive them. In the essay, he is perceived as a lazy, sleepy, individual.

Plane Man

The man on the plane who takes K's seat in first-class. Although it is not clear, his name seems to be John West. Although K has her seat in first-class, this man claims the seat is his and after continued harassment eventually forces her out. As described in the essay, he is a lanky white man who seems to be in a grumpy mood. The wrinkles on his face make it evident that he is often in a grumpy mood.


The pilot of the plane is an assuming white man with a bushy brown mustache. As the fight and verbal discourse continues and increasingly worsens between the plane man and K over the seat in first class, the pilot merely stands by and watches. Although he may not be racist himself, the assertion made in the book is that by standing to the side complacently as a by-stander, he is strengthening racial and gender discrimination in society.

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