Killing Rage: Ending Racism Background

Killing Rage: Ending Racism Background

Killing Rage : Ending Racism is a collection of twenty-three essays curated by Bell Hooks. Hooks has always written and spoken from the standpoint that anything ending in "ism" is part of the same problem of social inequality and bias, ergo, gender discrimination(sexism) and racial discrimination (racism) go hand in hand, and therefore so must their eradication. Hooks is somewhat of a lone voice in the darkness when writing from this standpoint because although women are widely hailed for their work on gender issues, they are barely included in the discussion when it comes to ending racism.

Killing Rage looks this fact squarely in the face. All of the essays included in it are written from a black feminist perspective. They also approach the issue of racism in an unusual way - imagining a world where it no longer exists. Racism is mainly addressed from a color-based viewpoint although religious and ethnic racism is also included as essays discuss issues ranging from Anti-Semitism to friendships between women of color and white women. A more theoretical approach is also taken to the issues as the psychological impact of racism on both the racist and the person affected by racism is studied.

Hooks writes the title essay - "Killing Rage" - which addresses the problem created by rage felt by black people who have experienced an over-abundance of both real and perceived bias and racism in their everyday lives, and the dangerously negative impact this has on society as a whole, leading her to surmise that rage, when correctly directed, can actually be a starting point for good, a catalyst for change that can actually redirect its intensity towards love and strength.

Gloria Jean Watkins, better known by the pen-name Bell Hooks, is one of the country's pre-eminent writers in both gender and race issues. As well as. Wing a prolific author she is also a feminist and activist. She honors her maternal great-grandmother, Bell Blair Hooks, by her choice of nom de plume. Born in 1952 in Kentucky she was greatly affected by the segregation she saw around her as a child and growing up also saw the social segregation between men and women that was just as insidious by talked about rarely. She is currently Distinguished Professor of English at City College of New York, and is also the author of twelve other books, including the best-selling memoir "Bone Black."

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