Kathleen Raine: Poems Summary

Kathleen Raine: Poems Summary


The poem “Change” deals with the necessary change that affects almost every living thing. The first three stanzas feature several parts of nature (such as the sun or the moon) explaining to other parts that they have to change in order to create an everlasting cycle. Stanzas four to six slightly alter this dynamic; instead of describing a cycle, it is explained to a rose and a maiden respectively that they cannot avoid the change that will ultimately see them fade away and die. In stanzas seven and eight the human heart is addressed instead, moving away from the physical kind of change that is prevalent in nature to the metaphorical kind of change in thoughts and feelings that occur during a lifetime. The last stanza finally sees the stars gently announcing change to the sun only to be then addressed by night themselves, establishing that indeed everything is affected by change.

Worry About Money

In the poem “Worry About Money” the speaker is laying on their bed, contemplating about how their generous nature clashes with their empty bank account. The speaker describes themselves as a very generous person who loves giving to others. However, they currently have no money and are on the brink of poverty, so, they admit, the best solution would be to stop giving for now. In the end, the speaker opts to search for answers in the bible and, immediately after opening, stumbles across a paragraph that teaches that one must give in order to receive. Even though the poems ends after summarizing the bible verse, it is implied that the speaker’s generosity finds validation in that verse and that they will continue spending.


In the poem “Nocturne” the speaker reflects upon the state of dreaming. They imagine dreaming as laying still at the feet of a protective angel, while their dreams, represented in the form of a precious butterfly, go out and fly away to different destinations. Some would find happy places while others would lose themselves in the dark (representing both happy dreams and nightmares).

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