Kathleen Raine: Poems Poem Text

Kathleen Raine: Poems Poem Text

The River (Excerpt)

In my first sleep

I came to the river

And looked down

Through the clear water –

Only in dream

Water so pure,

Laced and undulant

Lines of flow

On its rocky bed

Water of life

Streaming for ever.

A house was there

Beside the river

And I, arrived,

An expected guest

About to explore

Old gardens and libraries –

But the car was waiting

To drive me away.

Introspection (Excerpt)

If you go deep

Into the heart

What do you find there?

Fear, fear,

Fear of the jaws of the rock,

Fear of the teeth and splinters of iron that tear

Flesh from the bone, and the moist

Blood, running unfelt

From the wound, and the hand

Suddenly moist and red.

Nocturne (Excerpt)

Night comes, an angel stands

Measuring out the time of stars,

Still are the winds, and still the hours.

It would be peace to lie

Still in the still hours at the angel’s feet,

Upon a star hung in a starry sky,

But hearts another measure beast

- Kathleen Raine

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