Katherine Mansfield: Poems Background

Katherine Mansfield: Poems Background

Katherine Mansfield is known for her short poems, many of them composed in the early twentieth century. Some of her best known poems include, "Voices of the Air", "Countrywomen", and "A Few Rules For Beginners", all of which are under five stanzas in length. Most of the themes and ideas in her poems are simple, which makes these works so likable. "Countrywomen", for example, is about how these women are different from those in the city, but that doesn't make them any better or worse. "A Few Rules For Beginners" is simply about what to do if you are a starting mother, telling new caretakers to pamper their children.

Katherine Mansfield was born in 1888 in New Zealand, and is one of the more famous women writers from the country. Known for her short poems and stories, she was considered a "modernist". Mansfield died at just 34 years old because of tuberculosis, but her work lived on.

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