Incident Glossary

incident (noun)

Something that occurs casually in connection with something else, of which it constitutes an inessential part; an event, sometimes relatively unimportant in itself, which causes or could cause harmful effects

glee (noun)

A lively feeling of delight or joy caused by particular circumstances

Baltimorean (adjective)

An inhabitant of Baltimore, Maryland; a person related to Baltimore.

poke (verb)

To to stick out; to jab or push (a person) with one's hand or finger; to stir up, to incite

whit (noun)

A very small part or amount


Although historically the term refers simply people with black skin, (From Latin "Niger" / Portuguese "Negro"), the long history of enslavement and racial subjugation of African peoples by European and American colonists has made the term a synonym for racial hatred. It is an exceptionally offensive slur. It is sometimes used in academic contexts when directly quoting the use of the term in a historical document or literary text. However, many prefer to refer to it as "the n-word" even when directly quoting.