Hamilton Glossary

Hamilton Glossary


A body of troops ready for battle


Someone who manages the financials of a college or university


A group of soldiers who fought on horseback (in the past)


The friendship within a group or community

Constitutional Convention

A series of meetings between delegates to create a new constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation. The Convention produced America’s Constitution, which has a strong, central government, which the Articles lacked

Continental Congress

A congress of delegates who governed the thirteen colonies during the American revolution and became the government of the United States of America

Founding Father

One of the men who helped build the United States of America and its government in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries


A group of women who are all knowingly sexually involved with the same man


To pay attention to or take notice of something


Refusing to change one’s views or beliefs


The lowest position in the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment of the British Army


Somebody who is killed for his or her beliefs. A martyr’s death usually sparks anger and motivation in people of the same beliefs


The name of Thomas Jefferson’s plantation in Virginia

Mount Vernon

George Washington’s plantation in Virginia


A rebellion against a figure of authority, such as sailors against a captain or soldiers against a general

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