Graduation Day Background

Graduation Day Background

Graduation Day was published in 2013 and aims at questioning authority subtly through its characters. It is a work of fiction that describes a terrible place full of deprivation and terror. In such a place, this book gives space to characters like Cia Vale and her classmates who are rebels and oppose the cruel and oppressive government. Graduation Day is the third book in Joelle’s The Testing Series.

It tracks the journey of Cia and put an end to this testing which is vicious and ghastly chain of assessments to elect the most lambent and fitting person to become the leader of The United Commonwealth. The exam leads to only two options for the students-life or death. The only question that troubles the protagonist, Cia is whom she can trust in those shootouts and explosions.

The book highlights that during the whole series of testing none cares about the children, their sufferings and their dilemma. It is set in a country that comprehends the language of rebellions, explosions, shootouts and devastation. The idea of solutions is bizarre to this country wherein good and evil cannot exist together. Set in a politically tumultuous arena, the book questions the authority, expounds its hideous sides and creates characters to propose solutions.

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