Galileo Summary

Galileo Summary


Galileo shows the boy Andrea Sarti, the son of his housekeeper and his future of the student, by simple examples the Copernican model of the solar system. Galileo says that it is time to new knowledge, a review of all previous truths and the birth of new ones.

The Ptolemaic system considers the ground fixed, with reliable support. Now it turns out that there is no support - everything is movable.

The boy does not immediately believe Galileo because shares the naive picture of the world (after all, the land is flat and not round). However, Andrea as a joke repeats "heresy" in the school. His mother, Galileo’s housekeeper Mrs. Sarti, does not like it. She is surprised when learns that Galileo does share these ideas (she thought it her son’s inventions). But she is more concerned with in the fact that Galileo does not pay the milkman that they have debts.

The boy does not immediately believe Galileo because shares the naive picture of the world (after all, the land is flat and not round). However, Andrea as a joke repeats "heresy" in the school. His mother, Galileo’s housekeeper Mrs. Sarti, does not like it. She is surprised when learns that Galileo does share these ideas (she thought it her son’s inventions). But she is more concerned with in the fact that Galileo does not pay the milkman that they have debts.


Galileo shows the public his new invention - the telescope. Everybody is excited. Galileo gets an increase in salary. But he is immersed in his own thoughts.

Any scientific discovery has a "double" meaning. For the uninitiated, this is just a telescope, and has just practical benefits. Ludovico (a rich young man, who wanted to study from Galileo, but he refused) had already begun to realize that Galileo just deceived everyone: these telescopes are already being sold throughout Europe. But Galileo himself realized that he came up with an entirely new application of this pipe. And on his scam just earned money for research.


January 10, 1610, Galileo with his friend Sagredo watch the moon. They see the relief, they saw that the moon does not emit light. Galileo said that the Moon to the Earth is the same as the Earth for the Moon. This is contrary to a harmonious hierarchical system of celestial spheres by Aristotle.

Curator Priuli comes and swears Galileo that he has disgraced him in the story with the telescope. Galileo said that the won time and money for new studies. The end justifies the means is the main motto of Galileo. His discovery of a new celestial mechanics would help make navigating the night sky maps for sailors, and this will greatly help Venice. The curator does not want to listen to anything.

Galileo and Sagredo observe the satellites of Jupiter. They make sure that around Jupiter move 4 satellites and conclude that the crystal sphere to which Jupiter is attached, does not exist. All this confirms the hypothesis of Copernicus. Galileo is delighted. He wants to tell about the new truth to people. Sagredo warns him that people will not understand. But Galileo said that the property of the truth is the simplicity and clarity.

In the morning comes the daughter of Galileo Virginia. Galileo has already drafted a letter to the Grand Duke of Florence - Cosimo de 'Medici. He calls the satellites of Jupiter by the names of Medici.


Andrea Sarti and Galileo move to Florence and take up residence in the palace of the Medici. Duke Cosimo is of the same age as Andrea. Andrea shows Cosimo the Copernican model of the solar system, Cosimo prefers Ptolemaic. They fight, Ptolemaic model breaks down. At this point, enter Galileo, mathematician, philosopher, and Cosimo’s entourage. The mathematician and philosopher do not want to observe without discussion whether it is possible, in principle, the phenomena mentioned by Galileo. They are contrary to Aristotle. Mathematician and Philosopher remain unconvinced. Galileo has not reached his goal. His observations are sent for a check to the most important astronomer of the Vatican - Christopher Clavius.


There is plague Florence, but Galileo continues his investigations. Galileo does not want to leave his records and books, so he stays. Mrs. Sarti stays with his.

Districts are being encircled. Food and water is fed to Galileo on poles. Mrs. Sarti gets sick, she dies soon. Andrea returns - he jumped from the coach to stay with Galileo. Galileo sympathizes with the boy, because if he had gone, Andrea’s mother would also have left, and would not have died. Galileo continues to work.


1616. "Collegium Romanum" - Vatican Research Institute - confirms the discovery of Galileo.

While waiting for the decision of Clavius, the monks are discussing the terrible consequences if the Copernican system will be proven.

The cardinal said that the man is the crown of creation, the center of the universe, and therefore the Earth also is the center. Clavius, meanwhile, confirms Galileo's right.


March 5, 1616 the Inquisition imposed a ban on the Copernican theory.

Cardinals Barberini and Bellarmine are trying to persuade Galileo to abandon his theory. They allude to the social significance of his discovery. Church, Scripture - all of this makes sense in the lives of people, especially the common people, and Galileo questions the strong view of the world. Cardinals offer Galilee to remain within mathematics and use his observations only for calculations, only as a mathematical hypothesis model. Nobody forbids to explore, but to understand to the end - it is impossible. Galileo is not satisfied.

Cardinal Inquisitor speaks with Virginia, alluding to the ambiguity of her father's position.


Palace of the Florentine Ambassador in Rome. Galileo speaks with a little monk. Little Monk speaks about his parents. They work from the last forces suffering in poverty. And what will happen to these people when it turns out that the meaning that they have seen in their suffering is just a game of theologians, not the truth? Little Monk warns Galileo. But Galileo does not want to agree with this. He believes that science will open the eyes of all people.


Galileo for 8 years cannot conduct research in the favorite area. He and all his followers are busy with mechanics. But then he learns that the scientist, Cardinal Barberini became Pope Urban VIII. Galileo returns to astronomy. People from all over the Europe write him letters asking about sunspots. He cannot deal with it, because this is another "taboo subject".

At this point Ludovico appears. He never married Virginia because of the unreliability of the future father in law. He flatters Galileo saying that Galileo finally returned to the bosom of sensible research. It is he who announces of the new Pope. Just at that moment Galileo states that the returns to his studies. And will guide them in him own language and not in Latin, so that everyone could understand everything. Galileo could not understand how science is connected with his daughter, but Ludovico is a nobleman and cannot marry the daughter of the heretic. Galileo does not care anyway.


During the following decades the doctrine of Galileo is widely distributed among the people. Pamphleteers and street singers pick up new ideas. In the carnival night in 1632 in many cities in the design of carnival processions many guilds used astronomical topics.

People sing ditties, which ridiculed the church, the old order, including social. Galileo is proclaimed a destroyer of Catholicism, a hero. There tension is growing.


1633. Galileo and his daughter are expected at the reception of the Grand Duke. Due to the hard work Galileo loses his sight. Virginia warns father of the intrigues of the Inquisition. Vanni comes, who is an important businessman. He says that in Europe there are other orders for a long time and that all merchants are on the Galileo side and against the church. He warns Galileo: the Duke is not a friend to him. Vanni offers Galilee to escape. But Galileo is against: he is too fond of comfort.

Cosimo did not help Galileo. Galileo says daughter that is already prepared to escape. But just at that moment, they are invited into a carriage and taken to Rome.


The Pope and the Cardinal Inquisitor are discussing Galileo's fate. Cardinal demands the most stringent measures. He talks about the social tensions. The pope is strongly opposed, he defends Galileo. However, the Pope does not understand how to use Galileo navigation maps if they are based on heresy. But the Cardinal says that more and more sailors require Galileo ‘s maps. Pope finally agrees with the Cardinal, but orders to scare Galileo.


The trial against Galileo is over. He has changed almost beyond recognition during the trial. Students depart from him. Galileo is ill, he does not see well.

June 22, 1633. Galileo renounced his teaching about the rotation of the Earth on the request of the Inquisition. Andrea resents the defection of his teacher.

Behind the stage, the excerpt from Galileo's book "Dicorsi " is read.


Since 1633 till 1642 year Galileo lives in a country house near Florence, until his death remaining a prisoner of the Inquisition.

Virginia, convinced by the Cardinals, considers Galileo's fate happy. She takes care after her almost blind father.

Andrea goes to Holland. He visits Galileo only because other scientists asked him to find out how is Galileo's health. But Galileo opens Andrea’s eyes unobtrusively. Galileo saved himself for science. All this time at night he wrote his "Discorsi". Andrea repents his attitude to the teacher. Galileo gives him the scrolls and admonishes Andrea.


In 1637 Andrea leaves Italy. At the border he is inspected, but attentive border guards are lazy to revise all the books. During the inspection some boys playing nearby, are discussing some local witch. They ask Andrea if one can fly through the air. Already from abroad Andrea is shouting o boys: "one cannot fly on the stick through the air. To this end, it would be necessary at least to attach some machine. But this machine does not exist yet, maybe it never will, because the man is too heavy. But, of course, it is impossible to know. And we all still know very little! "

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