Galileo Irony

Galileo Irony

The most important point

Galileo lives and breathes science. It is his main concern, the only one thing he is genuinely and wholeheartedly interested in. When Andrea tells him that it is high time to “pay the milkman”, for he might “start making a circle round our house”, Galilei pays no attention to that issue with the milkman. He corrects Andrea and says that the milkman will start “describing a circle”, instead of “making a circle”. This irony mocks an inability of prominent scientists to take care about themselves. They just forget about those thousands of little things an everyday life consists of. Who cares about the milkman and bills when something great in the world of science can happen?

The same

Galileo is sure that science can change the world. He is sure that a draught created by it is going to blow up “the gold embroidered skirts of the prelates and princes, revealing the fat and skinny legs underneath”. The irony of it indicates that as soon as people find out that the Earth is not a centre of our universe and the kings and queens are not the noblest people the way the mankind lives is going to change.

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