Galileo Quotes


Because the old days are over and this is a new time.


Galileo has a strong belief in mankind and its truth-seeking abilities. He is absolutely sure that “ the old days are over and this is a new time ”, when everyone is finally ready to listen to new information and accept it. However, he proves to be horribly wrong, for people don’t want to perceive that truth. Many years of fear and the Inquisition’s terror taught them not to ask and not to doubt. The individual s like Galileo, Andrea and several others are the only ones, who crave changes. Ironically enough, there is no need for the whole mankind to be ready, for it is usually several people, who manage to make possible out of impossible.

Truth is born of the times, not of authority.


Having understood that his guests are going to deny the truth as long as they need, Galileo tries to make them understand that “truth is born if the times, not of authority”. He hopes that truth’s gravity and never ceasing people’s wish to discover might help him to break that wall of ignorance, but nothing seems to work. He asks them not to ask “ where truth is leading ” and just follow it. The only one problem is that people he has to deal with are not true scientists, thus truth costs nothing for them.

Do you imagine he will merely note in his diary: January 10 th 1610 – got rid of heaven?


Although Galileo is a wise man, he is also rather naïve. Somehow he manages to convince himself that everyone is going to be cheerful as soon as he proves that the Copernicus system is the correct one. One of his acquaintances tries to show him, how dangerous his ideas might be. He asks Galileo, whether he really could imagine that the Pope “ will merely note in his diary: January 10 th 1610 – got rid of heaven ”. Galileo believes that as soon as the Pope sees the universe with his own eyes, he is going to reconsider his ideas. Simple as it is. Apparently, it is not so. He is not going to get rid of heaven, for it threats the whole way of life of that time society. It could be much easier to get rid of one man than all dogmas the Church uses. This quote shows that even the wisest of people might behave irrationally and be unable to understand the simplest things.

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