Funny in Farsi Metaphors and Similes

Funny in Farsi Metaphors and Similes

Caveman Simile ("Swoosh, Swoosh")

"Every day, Kazem and Nematollah, like cavemen headed to the hunt, would drive to the local supermarket, returning with cans and boxes of mysterious American products."

When Firoozah's uncle Nematollah came to visit, he and her father would go food shopping with the same zeal as cavemen, proud of their finds and bringing them back to the house for the women to see as if they had overpowered and killed their evening meal.

Soldier Simile ("Swoosh, Swoosh")

"Like a soldier making love for the last time before he goes to war, Uncle Nematollah spent the next few days embracing his favorite American food one last time, sometimes twice."

Before he started his diet, Nematollah went on an eating frenzy not only devouring every food he had enjoyed thus far but also making sure to try new ones, as if knowing that he would not see them for a whole and needing as much of them as possible to carry the taste of them with him. This is likened to a soldier leaving for war because Nematollah was as enamored of good as a soldier would be of his wife.

X-Ray Glasses Simile ("The F Word")

"It was like having those x-ray glasses that let you see people naked, except that what I was seeing was far uglier than people's underwear."

because Firoozah had begun to go by the name Julie, and spoke un-accented English, people assumed she was American and spoke freely on front of her about their feelings towards Iranians, which was unedited and not always complimentary. Her accent and name were line x-ray glasses that allowed her to see their innermost thoughts.

Rock Simile : ("Waterloo")

"She's built like a rock. She just sinks."

Firoozeh's father believed he could teach everyone to swim but sadly his own daughter was an exception to this rule. This , he claimed, was nothing to do with his teaching but was because his daughter was solid and sank.

Koala Simile ("Waterloo")

"I had never actually let go of my father preferring instead to cling to him like a koala on a eucalyptus branch during an earthquake."

Whilst being taught to swim, Firoozeh didn't want to let go of her father but refused to let go of him clinging like koalas do as if hanging on for dear life.

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