Funny in Farsi Irony

Funny in Farsi Irony

Irony of Nematollah's Diet

Uncle Nematollah used many different diet aids, most of which were unsuccessful. He drank meal replacement shakes but found them difficult to stick to because they didn't taste very nice. Ironically he managed to stick to them by adding two scoops if Baskin Robins ice cream to them which actually made him gain wait from drinking diet meal replacement shakes.

Nematollah's Space Suit

Nematollah was trying to lose weight in order to attract women. He purchased a "space suit" from NASA which was designed to make him sweat out weight for a couple hours a day, but to speed up the process he didn't take it off. This resulted in him smelling particularly sweaty and awful which ironically repelled everyone rather than attracting a pretty girl.

Firoozeh Needing Paternal Approval To Marry

Kazeem brought his family to America for greater opportunity and more freedom for his children but ironically Firoozeh adhered to her Iranian culture when it came to her engagement as she fibbed to her parents and told them her new in-laws are happy for the marriage as it is required by her culture in order for her father to consent. Despite her love of freedoms in America Firoozeh still takes part in the Iranian culture that doesn't afford women these freedoms.

Francois's Family

Given the traditional Iranian culture it would not be difficult to believe Firoozeh's parents disapproving of her engagement to a French catholic; ironically it is Francoise's parents who disapprove of the union.

Kazeem Eating Ham

Loving in America as a student Kazeem developed a taste for ham, which is ironic since this is the one cafeteria food that is forbidden in Islam. He rationalized this by explaining the laws were laid down when people didn't know how to cook properly. Now they do, the Prophet would allow people to eat ham. Of all the foods available to him in America it's ironic the one he liked was forbidden.

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