Funny in Farsi Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    How does Firoozeh's father immerse himself in what he thinks is American culture?

    Kazeem believes that Walt Disney is the most incredible American in history and consequently visits the theme parks every holiday and whenever friends are in town. He also has a tendency to immerse himself in the parts of culture that allow him to be cheap, such as Las Vegas where for little outlay he can frequent all-you-can-eat buffets and feel like you beat the casino at their own game by eating too much. Food is another side of the country he loves to explore, eating his way through every fast food outlet in the city and also bringing home boxes of cookies, crackers and chips from the supermarket. Her father also loves American television, watching game shows obsessively and even becoming a contestant on one of them.

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    Firoozeh could not believe how generous Americans were to her and the family. What are some of the things that made her feel such love?

    The parents of the children in her class would always pick up the slack where her mother didn't understand how something was done, such as when it was Firoozeh's turn to being snacks for the class, when a friend's mother would bake cupcakes for her to bring. She was hosted at slumber parties on multiple occasions a s a neighbor also brought her over a costume so that she was not the only child at Halloween without a costume. Constantly people reaches out and when strangers helped her and her mother get home after getting lost her father states that Americans really are the kindest people on earth.

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    How did things change for the family after the Iranian Revolution?

    Because most people were not very familiar with Iran before the revolution they had no negative feelings about Iranians at all. However, after the overthrow of the Shah there was a renewed effort by Iranian terrorists to take hostages, and when American hostages were taken the feelings of the country turned against Iranians, which Firoozeh became more aware if due to the fact people believed her to be American and were frank in their opinions with her. It also became harder for Iranians to get jobs, which her father experienced, being turned down for several jobs because he was Iranian.

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