Frostbite Characters

Frostbite Character List

Rosemarie Hathaway

The main protagonist of the story. Rose is a spunky 17-year-old Damphir training to be a Guardian. She is regarded as being an exceptional combatant but not as great with her human studies. She is bold and fearless and tends to act on impulse. She is described as having long black-brown hair and exotic features due to her mixed Scottish-Turkish heritage.

Lissa Dragomir

Roses' best friend and a Royal Moroi princess who is the last of her bloodline. She is known for being the opposite of Rose; calm, collected and graceful. She is described as having long blonde hair and green eyes. She is very intelligent and has a natural aura about her that draws people to her.

Dimitri Belikov

A 24 year-old Guardian Instructor at the school. He is described as being over six foot with long dark hair that is held up in a pony tail and he is always noted for wearing a long duster coat. He is Rose's main love interest and is always there when she needs advice. He is also her personal mentor and trainer.

Mason Ashford

He is described as a 17-year-old red-haired joker who is good-looking but this goes unnoticed by Rose until he starts to actively start pursuing her. He is very friendly and usually does anything Rose asks for. He is noted for being loyal and reasonable but when he is angry he can act on impulse.

Christian Ozera

Lissa's main love interest. He is described as having black messy hair and ice blue eyes. He and Rose often come to blows because they both have a very similar sardonic and cynical outlook on life and both make sarcastic comments. Nonetheless, Rose thinks he is a good match for Lissa as he seems to adore her.

Tasha Ozera

Christian's aunt and a Moroi who is actively campaigning for Moroi's to take charge of their own safety by using their magic for defense purposes. She is romantically interested in Dimitri and propositions him into having a relationship. She is noted for having a beautiful face but also for the scar that runs down her face, caused by an attack she received from her brother and sister-in-law.

Adrian Ivashkov

A Royal Moroi Lord. He is a playboy and lives a very relaxed life on the outside but internally, he suffers from depression and the negative after-effects of the use of Spirit magic. He is romantically interested in learning more about Spirit and collaborates with Lissa to share their powers. He is also interested in Rose.

Mia Rinaldi

Rose's nemesis and a non-Royal Moroi who likes to pretend she is higher up the ranks than she actually is. Mia harbours a resentment towards Rose because she feels threatened by her. However, after Mason's death, they begin to understand each other a lot better. She is described as being very child-like with big blue eyes and curly ringlets.

Janine Hathaway

An infamous Guardian in the vampire world as well as Rose's mum. She and Rose do not have a very good mother-daughter relationship and often come to blows because both refuse to acknowledge their true emotions to each other. However, Janine wants what is best for her and does not want Rose to end up like she did when she was Rose's age. She is described as having short red hair and a Scottish accent.

Queen Tatiana

She is the ruler of all the Moroi and has an air of superiority about her. She dislikes rose and her abrasive nature and initially Lissa too, but quickly begins to warm towards her. She is from the Ivashkov bloodline and is Adrian’s great-aunt. She and Rose often come to blows and both are disdainful of each other. She is physically described as having blonde hair and looking very polished.

Eddie Castile

Mason’s best friend and Rose’s fellow Damphir. He is described as being very similar to Eddie and a very playful nature. Though much quitter and reserved in nature Eddie knows how to have fun. However, after the death of Mason in Frostbite, Eddie becomes much more focused and driven to be a better guardian. He is noted for being a loyal friend especially to Mason and Rose. He is physically described as having blonde hair, a lean structure and green eyes.

Guardian Alberta

She is the head of the Damphir Instructor’s at St Vladimir’s and is noted for being fair and non-judgemental. She often gives Rose a lot of leeway in her actions because she see’s potential in Rose, especially as there are very few Damphir women training to be Guardian’s. She is described as having short hair and Molnija tattoo’s inked on the back of her neck.

Jesse Zeklos

An arrogant Royal Moroi who spreads vicious rumours about Rose in Vampire Academy in exchange for sexual favours from Mia. Rose is initially very attracted to him and even becomes sexually involved with him, but this stops when she realises how manipulative and cold he is under the handsome façade. He is described as being tanned with dark hair and extremely good-looking.

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