Dirty Dancing Background

Dirty Dancing Background

Dirty Dancing is a romantic dance film produced by Linda Gottlieb and directed by Emile Ardolino. The film was made in 1987 and was distributed by Vestron Pictures. Leading cast members, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze star as main protagonists Frances “Baby” and Johnny Castle, respectively.

The movie revolves around 17-year-old ‘Baby’ finding herself and her dance capabilities whilst on vacation with her parents. She meets bad boy, 25-year old Johnny who is a dance teacher at the resort she is staying at, and the two quickly form an attraction. Johnny and Baby then go on to become dance partners, when she takes over the role of his previous partner Penny, who has gotten pregnant. The movie revolves around the obstacles the two have to face in order to prove their love to Baby’s parents and also continue their passion for dancing.

The movie has become a cult classic through the years, and catapulted Grey and Swayze into global superstars. It took in over $214 million at the box office and the infamous title song, ‘I’ve had the Time of My Life’, went on to win a Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award. The movie also propelled the right for abortion, with author Yannis Tzioumakis commenting that the film is a "compassionate depiction of abortion in which the woman seeking an abortion was not demonized… a portrayal that is not necessarily available in current films."

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