Diary of a Wimpy Kid Themes

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Themes

Cool kids

Adults often forget that they used to be kids too and – as the result – they fail to realize what a stressful experience middle school can really be. Greg is not the most popular guy, not the most handsome, not the smartest or the most athletic, and that is enough to grant him problems with bullies. Although he is lucky enough not to get into any genuinely dangerous situation, there are several quite worrying scenes which depict routine bulling such as shoving and name calling. Its parents’ responsibility to make sure that their kid is not bullied and he or she doesn’t bully anyone else.

Brothers: friends or…?

They say that a family bond is extremely strong and it is really difficult to argue with this fact. However, it doesn’t mean that even such a strong thing as family connection can’t be ruined. For instance, it can happen when parents seem to favor one of their children more than others. Greg is slightly hurt that Manny is the prince of the family while he is supposed to be a responsible and always sensible brother. To show children that you love them equally helps to prevent a lot of dramas from happening and creates that family bond everyone talks about.


Greg pretends like his friend Rowley is only a temporary substitute for a better, more popular one. However, only when Greg almost loses him, he realizes that he also depends on Rowley. It is extremely important to explain kids not to try to handle friendship carelessly. To be a good friend is something we should learn in school. Unfortunately for him, Greg seems to take everything Rowley does for him for granted and that almost dooms their friendship to a bitter ending.

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