Diary of a Wimpy Kid Imagery

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Imagery

Mom’s punishment

The mother was always pretty strict with the boys, well maybe with everyone except for Manny, for he was the baby of the family. Once she made Rodrick to answer “a bunch of question” she wrote out for him as a punishment. The first question asked whether Rodrick’s love for magazines with bikini-clad women made him “a better person.” The second one asked him whether it made him “more popular at school.” The third one asked how he felt “about having owned” that “type of magazine,” so Rodrick had to admit that he was “ashamed.” To cut a long story short, she made sure of the fact that Rodrick was really “sorry.” Well, that type of a questionnaire would easily made anyone uncomfortable. The imagery evokes a feeling of shame.

The haunted house

A haunted house was a place Gregory always wanted to visit. Fortunately for him, some dreams did come true and he got such a chance. However, everything turned out to be not that funny. It was “one scare after another.” There were “vampires jumping out at you” and “people without heads” and “all sorts of crazy stuff.” But “the worst part” was the area called “Chainsaw Alley.” There was “this big guy in a hockey mask” with “a real chainsaw.” Although Rodrick had told Gregory that the chainsaw had a rubber blade, Gregory “wasn’t taking any chances.” This imagery evokes a feeling of mirth, for before that Gregory tried to pretend to be a cool guy who wasn’t afraid of anything.

The plan

After that unfortunate visit to the haunted house, Gregory decided to make “a haunted house” of his own. He had “to bring Rowley in on the deal,” for that wads too difficult project, not that Gregory would willingly admit it. According to the plan, their haunted house was supposed to have “a hall of screams,” “a lake of blood,” “a bottomless pit,” “a rat tunnel,” “a knife alley,” “a maze of 1,000 skulls,” “a death slide,” “a hand hall,” and “an exit.” The imagery makes readers laugh, for it is clear that none of it couldn’t be arranged in a usual basement.

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