Diary of a Wimpy Kid Irony

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Irony


Gregory has been “trying to be a lot more careful about” his image ever since he “got to middle school.” It is high time to be cool and popular, like they say now or never. Just like any other future star of the high school, he needs friends. So, Gregory takes a new boy in his neighborhood under his wing and befriends him. The irony is that this story is not that lovely as one might think of it. Gregory just used to have hard times and he needed someone to “play all sorts of pranks on.” He just used Rowley and believes that it is friendship.

A little prince

Gregory is really proud of himself. First of all, he is not dumb, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to play his pranks on Rowley. Secondly, he is sure that one day he is going to be rich and famous. Thirdly, he is definitely not the most unpopular boy in school. The irony is that even such a promising guy like Gregory has his share of problems. One of them is his “little brother named Manny” and Gregory “could NEVER get away with pulling any of” his pranks on him. Manny is like a prince. For instance, yesterday, he “drew a self-portrait” on a door of Gregory’s room and got away with it.

Those parents

Just like other parents, Gregory’s father and mother want to be sure that their sons grow up being happy, healthy and loved. They do try their best to be good parents and that care – sometimes – could be suppressing. For instance, Gregory’s father is worried that the boy isn’t active enough, he doesn’t spend as much time outdoors as his father wants him. Gregory doesn’t understand father’s worries, for he is active. The irony is that he is active only in his video games. He plays “sports like football and soccer” but only while playing video games.

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