Departure Metaphors and Similes

Departure Metaphors and Similes

Another world

From the first pages of the book, the first class flight the main character took is described as being a completely different universe from what she knew until then. The comparison has the purpose of emphasizing the differences between the rich and the poor and how these differences are viewed from the perspective of a normal person.


Before the plane crashes, the oxygen masks are released and Harper compares them with dangling piñatas held by a clear tube. The comparison may seem strange, considering that the plane was about to crash but the description offers a hint about Harper’s mental state before the crash and how it affected her.

Giant fish

When Nick and Harper first see the bottom part of the plane who felt into the lake, Harper compared it to the carcasses of a giant fish that stays with its mouth open towards the sky. The comparison Harper provides has the purpose of accentuating the gravity of the event and also to create a sense of terror.

Dangerous possession

After Dylan wakes up, Mike and Nick are able to enter the pilot’s cabin. There, they find four rifles that they decide that it would be best it no one knew about. Because of this, they decide to give the key from the cabin to Harper for safekeeping. After she receives the key, Harper compares it with the Ring Frodo took to Mountain Doom in the Lord of the Rings series, thus emphasizing important the key was.


On the Gibraltar dam, a hand-like structure was built by the Titans. The Hand has a metaphorical value, representing the power the Titan group has and also the marvels they created. For the characters in the book, the Hand is a reminder that the group is the most powerful and while it has power to create, it can also destroy.

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