Departure Irony

Departure Irony

Damsel in distress

Harper is among the first people to volunteer to save those who still remained on the bottom part of the plane in the lake. Ironically, after saving many people, she gets stuck inside the plane when it starts to sink and her life is put in danger because of it. What is more, even though Nick saves her, Harper’s life continues to be in danger because of a wound on her leg from the time when she remained stuck in the plane.

Unexpected Help

Grayson is described in the first chapters of the novels as being someone who only cares about himself and who will never be able to change and do something good. Ironically, Grayson is the one who saves Nick when they are attacked at the Heathrow airport and also is the one who agrees to put his life in danger for the greater good.


For Nick, the biggest fear he has is linked with his father and his job as an ambassador. Ironically, Nick ends up becoming a political figure in his future and plays a major role in creating the Titan group. Similarly, Harper gives up her dream of becoming a fiction writer and writes biographies in her future. While her job made her famous, it also meant that she stopped believing that one day she could make a living out of her novels and chose instead the safe route.


The main role of the Titan organization was to change the world for the better. In order to do this, they wanted to get rid of poverty, suffering and hunger. While they managed to complete ambitious projects, they also caused the death of the majority of the population on Earth. Ironically, the organization that was supposed to save the human race almost ended up destroying it.

Desperate for attention

In the future, the main character find about what their future selves managed to obtain and about their success. When they came to the name Grayson, they found that Grayson accused his father of starting the Titan foundation only to become more famous. Ironically, the panel also reveals what Grayson has done to gain attention, thus meaning that he was criticizing his father while he was doing something he accused his father of doing.

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