Departure Characters

Departure Character List

Harper Lane

Harper is a young woman from London, a ghostwriter who tries to publish fictional works written by her. In the beginning of the novel, Harper travels back to London from the USA where she meets with a billionaire who wanted to convince Harper to write his biography. Harper is transported into the future along with the rest of the plane. She survives the crash relatively unscratched and then she is among the first to volunteer to save those who remained on the economy section of the plane. Harper survives the initial attack of the Titans on the survivors and she manages to run away with Nick, Sabrina, Yul and Grayson but she is later captured at Heathrow along with Sabrina and Yul. Harper finds the truth about what happened in the future and the reason why her plane was chosen. She decides to help Sabrina and Yul return the plane back into the past and unfortunately, Harper dies during a struggle with Nicholas but despite this, when the plane return into the past, she returns as well. Little by little, Harper begins to remember what happened during the time she was in the future and she meets again with Nick.

Nick Stone

Nick Stone is the son of a USA ambassador who is also on the plane who was transported into the future. Nick chose not to follow his father’s path and chose instead to become an investor. After the plane crashes, Nick is the person who takes charge and begins to organize the food distribution, the rescue mission and he also leads one of the groups that decided to scout the surroundings. His quick thinking saved many passengers from the crash and it helped his survive. Nick falls in love with Harper and even though he doesn’t admit it in the beginning, his feelings are obvious for those who watch them. When Nick meets his future self, he is shocked to realize that he ended up doing the things he told himself he will never do. Just like Oliver, future-Nick changed drastically. His change in behavior was a direct result of Harper’s death, the woman he felt in love with but couldn’t save. Because of her and Grayson, a certain flight was chosen to be brought into the future. Nick chooses to maintain his memories and once he starts to remember what happened in the future he was transported to, he contacts Harper and they begin a relationship.


Sabrina is one of the main characters in the novel. She is a German doctor who focuses on finding a cure for progeria, the disease that killed her brother. While she is brilliant and intelligent, she is not a social person and lacks the capability to properly interact with those around her. The death of her brother represented a traumatic event for her which made her want to find a cure for the disease that took her younger brother. Sabrina finds the cure for progeria but she also develops a cure for death. Because of her findings, the Titans are able to become immortal and also grant the gift of immortality to those who they consider to be worthy. Despite the positive aspect of her work, the cure created by Sabrina is also the reason why almost all humans died. Sabrina tries to make sure that the mistake she made is fixed but her ideas go against what Nicholas and Oliver want and because of this, she is killed. Sabrina from the past continues the work her future-self started and finds a way to maintain her memories and it is because of her that they manage to stop a disaster from happening by avoiding doing the same mistake their future-selves did.

Oliver Grayson

Oliver Grayson is Grayson Shaw’s father. Oliver is an old man, an investor and business man who is worth billion dollars. Because of the wealth he has, he feels the need to help the world around him and thus he decides to invest into the Titan organization. This decision enrages his son who will be left without money. While Oliver loves his son, he is unable to properly express his love and affection. Because of this, he is unable to help his son and Oliver realizes that his son needs help when it is already too late. Oliver changes drastically after his son dies and thus he decides to steal the immortality cure. This will eventually lead to the pandemic that killed almost the entire human race. Despite this, Oliver’s first purpose remains saving his son and thus he pressures Yul and Sabrina to find a way to bring a plane from the past into the future. There is a big difference between the Oliver from the present and the Oliver from the future. Future-Oliver is colder and significantly more insensitive that the present Oliver. While Oliver from the present would never hurt someone, Oliver from the future shoots Mike without blinking just to save himself and his son.

Yul Tan

Yul Tan is one of the major characters in the novel. He is a young Asian man who created the Q-net, an alternative to the conventional internet. His desire is not to profit from his invention, but rather to make it available for everyone and bring internet all over the world. Yul Tan is extremely intelligent yet he lacks social skills. Yul Tan is the one who receives messages from his future self and ultimately he is the one who brings the plane into the future. When Yul arrives in the future, his future-self is already dead, Yul being killed in the conflict between the two groups of Titans. Yul from the past also gets killed in the final battle but not before revealing the location of the device that will eventually take everyone back into their past. Once Yul arrives in his timeline, he slowly starts to remember what happened during the time he was in the future.

Grayson Shaw

Grayson Shaw is Oliver’s only son. In the beginning of the novel, Grayson is presented as being obnoxious, angry at everyone and self-destructive. His behavior is a result of the fact that his father chose to not include him in his will and invest all his fortune into a charitable company. Grayson thinks that the reason behind his father’s decision is the fact that he wants to become more famous and that his father doesn’t care about him. After Grayson is transported into the future, he changes drastically. After he meets his father, he realizes that his father wasn’t trying to punish him and genuinely thought that he was taking the right decisions. Grayson become closer to his father and takes part in the war between the Titans. Towards the end of the battle, he realizes that his father wasn’t interested in saving the human race, but rather wanted to be with his son. Because of this, Grayson fights his father in an attempt to save the Dam and those on it. Unfortunately, during the fight, both Oliver and Grayson die.


Mike is one of the men who survive the crash. He helps Harper and Nick save those who remained stuck inside the bottom part of the plane and also offers himself as a volunteer to go and scout the surroundings. Mike goes with Nick and Bob to Stonehenge and then returns to the crashed plane when they see a helicopter heading towards the crash site. Mike is among the passengers who are captured at the crash site by Nicholas and his group and then end up fighting against Sabrina and Yul. Mike is killed by Oliver after Nick realizes that something is wrong with Nicholas.


Bill is a passenger who survived the crash and then helped Harper and Nick save those trapped inside the plane.

Bob Ward

Bob Ward is one of the men who survived the crash. He is quite old and it is revealed that he is retired. Despite this, he proves to be useful and he is the one who suggests that they break into the pilot’s cabin to try and contact someone from the outside through the radio. Bob is part of the three man search party that goes to investigate the strange structure that was found on the fields. Bob is also the one who suggests that maybe they are in the future and his highly scientific explanations prove that he is a man who educated and probably worked inside the government. Bob dies near Stonehenge in suspect conditions after he aged considerably in a short span of time.


Jillian is the stewardess from the plane that survived. She helped Nick redistribute the food and also did everything she could to make sure that the passengers had everything they needed to survive. Jillian is one of the passengers who received the vaccinations that protected her after they were transported into the future. She is eventually captured by Nicholas and Nick chooses not to involve her in the final battle between the Titans.


Nate is a child Harper saved from the economy class. At first, she was unsure if he was alive or not but Nate managed to survive the crash and was also among the people who were vaccinated.


Dylan is the only pilot who survived the crash. Dylan is the one who opened the pilot’s cabin and told Nick that they lost contact with the ground while they were over the Pacific. Based on what Dylan said, Nick decides to go to Heathrow, thinking that they were supposed to get there unharmed and that someone must be waiting for them there.


Wyatt is one of the passengers who helped Harper and Nick save those who remained stuck in the plane in the lake. It is uncertain whether he survived the pandemic or if he took part in the battle between the titans.


Seth is another person who helped Harper and Nick to save those who remained inside the submerged plane.

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