Death Comes for the Archbishop Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    What is Father’s Latour goal to achieve as the archbishop of the diocese of New Mexico?

    Father Latour is tasked to oversee that the residents of New Mexico are converted to Catholicism. This is a difficult task because life in the desert is a hard life and the indigenous people turn to nature and their ancient religion. The cultural differences make it difficult for Latour to understand how to relate to the people and to convert them.

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    How does Father Joseph differ from Father Latour? How does he benefit the diocese?

    Father Joseph is more of a people person than Father Latour. He has empathy for the people and can easily relate to them. This makes the people accept him more readily and to view him as someone to trust. Father Latour is more standoffish and has an authoritative air. Father Joseph benefits the diocese with his infectious demeanor and willingness to do anything for anyone in need. He is sincere and is seen as someone that can be trusted.

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    How does Father Latour view his diocese in New Mexico?

    Father Latour finds the diocese of New Mexico to be a difficult place to manage. It is hard to convert the indigenous people and gain the trust of the people. Over time he learns to love the area and when he retires he remains in the area rather than returning to his native France. The land becomes a part of him as it has for the people who have spent generations in New Mexico. The hardships that they face make them love the land and appreciate life even more.

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