Death Comes for the Archbishop Characters

Death Comes for the Archbishop Character List

Bishop Montferrand

He is a French bishop of the Roman Catholic Church stationed in the New World. He is looking for a candidate for to be the new diocese of New Mexico.

Auvergnat Jean-Marie Latour

He is one of the two main characters of the book. Latour is chosen by Monterrand to be the diocese of New Mexico. His name means "the tower," as he is a reserved and intelligent man. His role in the novel is to travel from Ohio to accept his post in New Mexico, along the way interacting with the people he meets.


He is a Spanish cardinal with whom Montferrand meets. Allende begs Latour to search for a painting by El Greco which was stolen from his family and lost in the New World.

Joseph Vaillant

Vaillant, who's name means "valiant," is the second main character. He is nicknamed "Blanchet," which means "white-y" and "Trompe-la-morte" or "Death-cheater." He is a profound, confident man but an ugly, sickly-looking one. Traveling with his friend Latour, Vaillant is a vicar from Ohio determined to assist his friend upon his quest. He ends up becoming the first Bishop of Colorado.

Buck Scales

He owns the home at which Latour and Vaillant stay and are almost murdered. In the past he has murdered four or more of his guests. He's an abusive husband who drives his wife, Magdalena, to trie and murder Latour and Vaillant. After they are rescued, he is arrested and hanged for murder.

Father Gallegos

He is the priest of Albuquerque. He loses his post due to gluttony. The people condemn him for dancing, eating rich foods, and hunting. After his removal, he is replaced by Vaillant.

Father Martinez

Father Martinez is the priest of Taos. He is removed from his post for renouncing his vow of celibacy and having children among other wrongdoings.

Father Lucero

He is the priest of Arroyo Hondo. Lucero is removed from his post for greed. Before his removal, he joins the condemned church of Father Martinez.


Eusabio is a Navajo. He becomes a friend of Latour. Along with his leader, Manuelito, Eusabio tells Latour of the Long Walk of the Navajo people as they were exiled by the Europeans.

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