Crewel Irony

Earth as Safe Haven

Arras was founded because war-torn Earth became too dangerous to inhabit. However, for Adelice, Earth is the safest place she can live because it frees her from the Guild's control.

Jost as Ambassador's Pet

Jost's entire purpose for being at the Coventry is to avenge the lives of his wife and daughter, which were mercilessly torn away by the punishing Guild. It's ironic that Ambassador Patton, aspiring ruler of the very organization that killed Jost's family, chooses Jost to be his personal assistant during Coventry visits.

Spinsters in Captivity

Spinsters spend their lives in Coventries around Arras weaving the weaves that make up the world. Ironically, trapped in the Coventry walls, few of them ever get to enjoy the beauty of the world they spend so much time constructing.

Unlikely Brothers

Though Erik and Jost share the same blue eyes, they couldn't be more different in personality and behavior. It's ironic that the two of them share parents.