Crewel Character List

Adelice Lewys

Adelice Lewys is the 16 year old narrator and protagonist of the story. She is from Romen, a small town in the Western Sector of Arrys. She lives there in a small bungalow with her parents, Ben and Meria Lewys, and little sister Amie, until the day she is taken away to join the Coventry. Adelice cares little about looks and popularity and so has a challenging time getting along with the other girls her age in Romen. Since the age of eight, her parents trained her to hide her gift for weaving and cultivated in her a natural suspicion of The Guild and the seemingly glamorous life of Spinsters. After being torn from her family, this suspicion and her natural curiosity protect her from conforming to lifestyle in the Coventry, and ultimately help her to discover the truth about herself and the world in which she lives.

Amie Lewys

Amie is Adelice's younger sister. She is 12 years old and, due to her bright and bubbly personality, has always had many friends. Like most girls her age, Amie idolizes the Spinsters and believes thir lives to be perfectly glamorous. Yet Amie has never shown any special talent for weaving. Though the Guild kills other members of Adelice's famly, they choose to keep Amie alive and leverage her to manipulate Adelice's behavior in the Coventry. However, though she remains alive, her thread is rewoven and all of her memories are wiped clean. She is sent to live with a new family in Cypress and is given a new name: Riya.

Cormac Patton

The Coventry Ambassador for the Guild of Twelve. His official duty is to keep the public informed about the work going on in the Coventry. However, in reality, he plays the much greater and more powerful role of controlling the Spinsters. Described as the "number one pretty boy", Patton is incredibly handsome and noticeably old though his exact age is unknown. Commonly observed with a drink in his hand, Cormac is known for attracting the attention of young Spinsters and he always has a new one on his arm when attending public events. Adelice becomes the focus of his attention as soon as she is chosen to join the Coventry. Cormac enjoys her feisty spirit but is quick to punish or threaten her when she disobeys him or otherwise shows disloyalty. At the book's end Cormac reveals his plan to marry Adelice in order to ensure her loyalty and quell growing feelings of discontent in Arrys.


Maela is a Spinster, beautiful, but cruel with ambitions of moving up higher in the Coventry ranks. She is responsible for welcoming and training Eligibiles (girls chosen to become Spinsters) and so is among the first to welcome Adelice to the Coventry. Maela is never kind to Adelice mainly because she feels threatened by Adelice's superior weaving skills and the protection and attention it affords her from people like Cormac. Thus, whenever Adelice disobeys her orders, Maela is quick to punish her-once making Adelice spend the night in a prison cell and another time forcing her to weave with on a loom with sharp blades, an exercise that leaves Adelice injured for weeks. Maela is in love with her personal assistant, Erik, and becomes increasingly hostile towards Adelice when she discovers him and Adelice in a romantic embrace.


Maela's personal assistant. Many of the Eligibles are enamored by his good looks and confidence yet Enora cautions Adelice to keep her distance from him because Maela wants him for herself. He has blue eyes, and shoulder-length blonde hair. Erik is often tasked with escorting Eligibles, including Adelice, around the Coventry. Initially, Adelice resents Erik for sedating her and leaving her without food but she grows friendlier with him during their interactions in the Coventry. After sharing her first kiss with Erik, Adelice keeps her distance from him but he later plays a pivotal role in helping her to escape the Coventry. Erik is Josten's brother.


A Guild-appointed Spinster and assistant to the Creweler, Enora serves as Adelice's trusted mentor at the Coventry. Unlike Maela, Enora is genuine and kind; due to this, she is able to gain Adelice's trust. For a time, Enora is the only one to know that Adelice is able to weave without a loom and, in order to protect Adelice, she encourages her to keep it a secret. Enora is in love with Valery, Adelice's primary stylist, and becomes the target of the Guild's intolerance for this same-sex relationship. As a consequence for her "deviance", Enora is remapped, a process that strips her of her personality and drives her to attempt suicide.


A girl in the same class of Eligibles as Adelice, Pryana comes from Cypress and has oil-black hair and an 'exotic beauty'. Like Adelice, Pryana is very protective and loving toward her little sister. Pryana hopes that her little sister will one day join her in the Coventry. Pryana and Adelice are the first Eligibles to advance to Spinsters. Pryana and Adelice initially get along but that changes when Adelice's inaction leads to the death of Pryana's little sister. From that moment, Pryana fosters an intense hatred toward Adelice.

Josten (Jost) Bell

Head valet at the Coventry, Jost hails from the town of Saxun. Jost tells Adelice early on that he disagrees with the way things are done in Arrys and expresses admiration for Adelice's resistance. Jost and Adelice eventually become close and share a kiss one night in her quarters. Jost also shares his true reason for working in the Coventry- he is there to avenge the removal of his wife and child who were ‘ripped’ as punishment when the Guild discovered anti-Guild sentiment in Saxun. Jost came to the Coventry to start a revolution and he hopes Adelice will finally help him succeed. Jost is Erik's younger brother.


The only Creweler in Arrys, Loricel is responsible for capturing the materials to create the weave and then using them to weave Arrys. She has worked as Creweler for over sixty years and is very old. She refuses to accept the renewal patches and medicine that have the power to keep her young and alive, and prefers instead to die naturally. Arrys' survival depends on Loricel's work and so, for a long time, she is able to do as she pleases without consequence. When it becomes clear that the Guild intends to make Adelice the new Creweler, Loricel honestly shares the secrets of Arrys and allows Adelice to choose whether or not becoming Creweler is a job she'd like to have.


Adelice's head aesthetician and Enora's significant other. The Guild removes her after Enora attempts suicide.


Women who weave and design the fabric that makes up Arrys. They never marry and are kept alive indefinitely.

Meria Lewys

Mother of Adelice and Amie Lewys and wife of Benn Lewys, Meria works as a secretary in the town of Romen. She has red hair like daughter Adelice. Outwardly, Meria appears to be like the other women in Arrys -- obedient, calm, and well groomed -- but she harbors a serious suspicion of the Guild and spends much of her motherhood training Adelice to avoid selection.

Benn Lewys

Father of Adelice and Amie Lewys and husband of Meria Lewys, Benn works as a a mechanic on the Guild's motorfleet in Romen. He is presumed dead after trying to help Adelice escape from the Guild.

Marfa Crossix

Classmate of Amie's, whose sister does not get chosen to go to the Coventry.

Mrs. Swander

Teacher at Amie's academy who leaves after having an "accident."

Principal Diffet

Principal at Amie's Academy.


It is unclear who this person is, but Cormac speaks to Hannox several times on his Companel about seemingly sensitive information.

Yuna Landew

Classmate of Amie's who is pulled out of class and asked about suspected purity standard violations.


Medic in the Coventry in charge of handling the Lewys case. Cormac orders her removal because she administered to much Valpron (a sedative) to Adelice.


The new name and identity Amie Lewys is given after she is rewoven into a different family.


The wife of a politician named Korbin who sits at Adelice's table during the State of the Guild.

Prime Minister Carma

Current Head of State of Arrys.


Daughter of one of the politician's wives. Her mother indicates that she has behavioral issues.

Minister of Ambrica

Older, hairy politician at the State of the Guild event. Pryana spends the night dancing with him.


New guard assigned to escort Adelice after Maela discovers Erik and Adelice kissing.


Jost's wife. She is ripped by the Guild as punishment for rebellious meetings in Saxun.


Rozenn's brother. Jost is introduced to anti-Guild revolutionaries through him.


Adelice's neighbor in Romen, who bulles her and Amie. Beth is taken away during her childhood for deviance counseling, and returns more unfriendly than before.

Dr. Ellysen

Coventry doctor assigned to perform initial mapping on Adelice.

Nurse Renni

Coventry Nurse who assists Dr. Ellysen in performing Adelice's initial remapping.


Pryana's mentor at the Coventry.


Creweler befrore Loricel. She was the first to reveal Earth to Loricel.

Sebrina Bell

Jost's infant daugher. Presumed to have been ripped along with her mother until Adelice finds evidence suggesting that she is still alive.