Coraline The Importance of Girlhood in Coraline

After analyzing the novella in its entirety, it is clear that Coraline is, at its core, a coming-of-age story. It is significant that this adventurous and curious protagonist is a young girl. In literary history, adventure novels most often center around a boy and his maturation through a process of overcoming challenges. However, in having a young girl as the story's protagonist, author Neil Gaiman pushes the genre's boundaries. In this regard, it is necessary to evaluate how Coraline's gender is an essential facet of the story.

As a character, Coraline flips stereotypes about girlhood on their head. Coraline is independently curious and explorative. She is fearless, and she approaches each challenge with confidence and grace. Throughout each difficulty, she must find solutions without any assistance. This is significant, as Coraline shows that she is capable and self-reliant. Although Coraline makes mistakes, her mistakes are understandable and human. It is how Coraline gets herself out of the sticky situations that truly highlights her power and strength.

Coraline's adventures show readers that young girls can advocate for their own success. Gender does not have to be a hindrance or an obstacle, but rather a door for opportunity. Gaiman's novella suggests that girls can be competent and emerge victorious—they do not need a male to rescue them. It is incredibly important to write coming-of-age, adventure stories that feature a female protagonist. With this inclusion, more young women are drawn to the genre for its relatability. in addition, it is important to have a character that can serve as a role model for female youth.