Coraline Background

Coraline Background

Neil Gaiman is the author of Coraline, an exciting, adventurous children's novel. Gaiman was born in the United Kingdom during 1960. He has authored many creative works, such as novels, graphic novels, short fiction, comic books, audio theatre, and movies, etc. His love for reading and writing started during his childhood and strongly shaped his unique literary style. For example, he was inspired by C.S. Lewis, Edgar Allan Poe, Gene Wolfe, and many others.

Gaiman wholeheartedly credits his stays at the library as a child. Fortunately, his parents nurtured this intense literary wonder. His creative works don't only focus on children's literature. He wrote picture books, short fiction, and novels for teenagers and young adults. Regarding Coraline, he started writing this book during 2002 when its genre (i.e. gothic horror) wasn't popular. Not to mention, this story was once considered too scary for children.

Yet this peculiar and imaginative novel won him several awards, such as the British Science Fiction Award and the American Elizabeth Burr/Worzalla Award. Coraline leaves readers with compelling lessons on self-discovery, courage, and rebellion. Several literary critics have described this story as creepy and stunning.

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