Confessions Character List


A saint, the Bishop of Hippo, a philosopher, and a Doctor of the Catholic Church.


Augustine's mother, a devout Christian and visionary. Also called Monnica.


Augustine's father, a small landowner in Thagaste, Numidia. He was not a Christian until the very end of his life. The Latin form of his name is Patricius.


Augustine's son, by his Carthaginian companion. Adeodatus, though not initially planned for or desired, was dearly loved by both his parents. He died at the age of 17.

Adeodatus' mother

A "Carthaginian girl of low birth," this companion, much-loved by Augustine, bore him his son Adeodatus. She is never named in Augustine's writings. It was common at this time for young men of Augustine's class to keep a concubine before marriage.


A dear friend of Augustine's. He was a wealthy young Carthaginian man with a curious, philosophical mind. Along with others, he followed Augustine to Milan to try to live a "life of wisdom." Augustine credits him with helping him on the path toward truth.


A Roman orator to whom Augustine dedicated his book The Beautiful and the Fitting.


A Manichean bishop Augustine comes to know in Carthage.


The Bishop of Milan, a learned and well-loved spiritual leader. He welcomes Augustine to Milan, and Augustine is first attracted to the Christian faith by Ambrose's skill in oratory. Ambrose eventually converts Augustine.


A close friend of Augustine's who witnessed his conversion in Milan.


An astrologer in Milan during the time that Augustine was there.


A priest in Milan who helped Augustine toward conversion. He also baptized Bishop Ambrose and was a senior Church official.


A rhetor of African origin. He was a translator of Platonism and a Christian of high culture.


An African highly placed in the Emperor's Court in Milan. A Christian, he tells Augustine about the monastic life.