Cold Mountain Quotes


“This world is in a fever”


This phrase has both direct and indirect meanings. As for the first one, the author means that Ada’s world was in the war, everything was in cluttering. In its indirect meaning the phrase says that our world, in general, is in the rush, people don’t control their lives, the motives of their actions. There are too few people, who can appreciate the proper values: they are happy with talking to their soulmate, with a couple of days spent with their love, or other simple, and therewith truly important, things in their lives. Ada, Ruby, Monroe are the examples of such people.

“To get and lose - that's scary”

An old man in the hospital

This man was blind, and when Inman asked him whether he wanted to get back his vision, he said “No”, explaining it with such phrase. Inman also knows what it means. He fell in love with Ada, but getting her, he lost her for a long time – the war separated them. So, they show the vivid example of how difficult the daily life is without that thing which you have been waiting for so long time and finally got. The fate gives them one more time of happiness – Inman runs from the war to Ada. What can be better than getting back something that has been lost? But it’s twice harder to lose it again, one more time. Ada lives it through, showing the example of how a man should manage this scar after loss, even if it was the hardest one in their life.

“...she knew in her heart that nature has a preference for a particular order: parents die, then children die. But it was a harsh design, offering little relief from pain, for being in accord with it means that the fortunate find themselves orphaned.”


Ada thought in such way after her father’s death. She doesn’t agree with that life order which is in nature. She seems to feel herself like an orphan, although she is an adult. Her heart is emptied with the death of her father. Parents without their children become unhappy, children without their parents become helpless, even if they are not children any more.

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