Cold Mountain Background

Cold Mountain Background

The novel Cold Mountain was published in the year 1997 by the American author Charles Frazier and is generally regarded as a historical romance, with the action being set during the American Civil War.

The main character of the novel is an American soldier who becomes a deserter after fighting in the war. The soldier’s name is Inman and he decides to return home to Cold Mountain, in North Carolina. The reason why Inman decided to leave the war is because he became traumatized after seeing all the tragedies that took place on the battlefield and after he saw another soldier die in the same hospital where he was. By returning home, he also hopes that he will be able to see his sweetheart again, a young woman named Ada.

The writer uses different narrative techniques in the novel and it shifts back and forth from Ada’s perspective to Inman’s perspective. Thus, the reader can find about the difficulties Inman had to endure on the road back home and also about Ada’s situation and the things she had to go through.

A variety of themes are analyzed in the novel, but war and love remain its central themes. Inman’s love for Ada and Ada’s love and devotion are discussed at length in the novel and also the lengths to which the two are willing to go to be with one another. The novel also analyzes the horrors of war and how it affects a person. Many characters presented in the novel were traumatized by the events they had to witness and they changed drastically from the way they were before. In this sense, war is presented generally in a negative light and as being something that impacts the life of those involved in a negative way.

Charles Frazier admitted that he was inspired by the novel Seven Months a Prisoner and that Inman was inspired by one of his distant relatives with the same name. The novel became quickly a bestseller and it was even adapted into a movie with the same name in 2003. Both the movie and the book won awards, among which can be mentioned the National Book Award for Fiction and a numbers of awards given to the actors staring in the movie.

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