Cold Mountain Characters

Cold Mountain Character List


Inman is one of the main characters of the story. He is a quite tall, strong, handsome man, and has a reputation for being hardworking and honest. Having known about the beginning of the war, he is a volunteer to the army. He falls in love with Ada from the first sight and he carries this love through all his life.

Ada Monroe

Ada Monroe is one of the protagonists of the novel. She is a beautiful, noble woman from the priest’s family. She has a lot of admirers, but she is rude to them; she doesn’t want to get married with anybody who makes her an offer. Even though she ultimately falls in love with Inman, the war separates them. Ada is devoted to Inman for all her life, she patiently waits for him. Even when he, having come back to her, is killed, she doesn’t want to have another man after him.


Veasey is a priest. Inman has met him, when he wanted to kill a woman. It shows him as a not very religious person.


The author describes her, when Ada first sees her, as follows: “She was a dark thing, with a thin chest but strong-looking arms. She had a broad nose and her hair was black and thick. Big dark eyes, no shoes, clean feet.” Ruby is an uncommon woman. She grew up in the forest, almost not having the parents’ love and support. She is rude, straightforward, and artless but makes friends with Ada, after living with her for some time.


Stobrod is Ruby’s father. He is a drunkard, and he didn’t educate Ruby well when she was a child. But he is brave, because he dares to go to war. His heart isn’t stone, as he plays the violin, it’s his sense of life, his love. After running from the war he goes to Ruby first, and it shows that he actually loves his daughter, in his own strange way.

Reid “Georgia”

Reid “Georgia” is a young deserter, who is hiding in the forest with Stobrod. He is a kind man: when he sees that his friends are killed, he doesn’t run away from that place; he goes to Ruby to tell her everything, to help her. In the end Reid becomes the husband of Ruby, and they have three children and live happily.

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