Clay's Ark Literary Elements

Clay's Ark Literary Elements


Science fiction

Setting and Context

A dystopic near-future society

Narrator and Point of View

An unnamed, third-person omniscient narrator.

Tone and Mood

The tone is bizarre; the mood is mysterious.

Protagonist and Antagonist

Blake is the protagonist; Eli is the antagonist.

Major Conflict

The major conflict of the novel occurs when Blake and his twin daughters are kidnapped by the only survivor of the crashed Clay's Ark spaceship, Eli.


The climax of the story is reached when it is revealed that Eli has been infected by an alien microbe, that affects his survival.


The spread of the disease is foreshadowed by the fact that the mutants see humans as food.


The importance of stopping the spread of viruses is understated throughout the novel.


The story alludes to the differences between humans and aliens.


The imagery of the chaotic disease spread is present in the novel.


The fact that Eli wishes to survive, yet infects those that could help him is an example of paradox in the story.



Metonymy and Synecdoche

The crashed spaceship is a metonym for the chaos of the disease.



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