Clay's Ark Characters

Clay's Ark Character List

Eli Doyle

On his mission to another planet, Doyle and his crew are infected by alien microorganisms. They give the aliens superhuman powers like strength, speed, and enhanced sensory perception, but they also control their minds. Driven by the urge to propogate the alien species, Doyle and the crew feel the intense desire to have sex. When the ship crash lands in the Mojave Desert, Doyle is the sole survivor. Somehow still fighting the aliens, he sets up a small ranch in the middle of nowhere where he takes his victims and keeps them after infecting them in order to prevent the spread of the infection to the rest of the world. Although his mind is mostly gone, he's still holding onto a shred of humanity.

Blake Maslin

He's a successful doctor in Southern California which makes him a member of the elite. On a family roadtrip with his daughters, the whole family is kidnapped by Eli. Blake manages to escape the farm, but not before he's been infected by Eli. He feels the effects of the microorganisms immediately, losing his mind. He defeats a few enemies before he encounters truck driver whom he infects and sends on his way. Blake lacks the mental fortitude which Eli demonstrates to resist the infection.

Rane Maslin

Rane and her twin sister are 16-year-old twins. When they are all taken to Eli's ranch, she escapes with her father. Her inferior physical strength, however, is no match for the car family which they encounter in the desert. These brutal people decapitate her, thus preventing the spread of her infection.

Keira Maslin

Unlike the rest of her family, Keira accepts her fate on the farm. She had preiviously been diagnosed with leukemia, the reason for their vacation, but after becoming infected by Eli she is cured. Having already made peace with death, she is extremely grateful to him for saving her. She readily agrees to become a permanent member of his community. Just after she decides to stay peacably, she discovers that she is pregnant with a clayark baby.

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