Clay's Ark Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    What is the figurative connotation of Eli’s sole survival in the desert after the ship crashes?

    After having a disturbing exploration in the outer space planet, Eli is yet again faced with another cruel disaster when the ship crashes during the return trip. While in outer space, Eli and his crew are infected with microorganisms but they all survive after personifying the aliens and controlling their minds. However, when the ship crashes during the return trip, it is only Eli who survives. Eli's survival symbolizes the second chance of living. The reader does not find any special thing in Eli that favors him from death as opposed to his crew that perished on that accident. Therefore, Eli is just getting another chance to start life again.

  2. 2

    How does the theme of social disparity manifest itself in the Clay's Ark?

    The character Blake Maslin is significant in this novel because he aids the author in developing the theme of social disparity in this community. Blake and his family are living in the gated community preserved for the rich in society. The gated communities are only reserved for those people who are doing well economically such as Dr. Blake. The poor people are marginalized and forced to live in settlements where getting basic services is a hurdle. Therefore, the conflict between the rich and the poor is evident due to social disparity and class.

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    How does the author use the literary device ‘personification’ in her novel Clay's Ark?

    The creatures from outer space are given superhuman abilities on the planet explored by Eli and his men. For instance, these Martians are given the ability to have sensory awareness, minds, strength, and improved speed just like humans. However, Eli and his crew ensure that they are in control of these aliens by controlling their minds and every move that they make. These outer space creatures are also given the ability to have sexual desires.

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