City of Bones Metaphors and Similes

City of Bones Metaphors and Similes

Priceless gift (Metaphor)

One’s life is a valuable treasure and every person is obliged to take care of it. The main heroine of the novel Clary affirms that nowadays people treat their life irresponsibly. They are ready to sacrifice their life to get senseless things, which can destroy them. “People throw away their lives for money, for packets of powder, for a stranger’s charming smile”. Life is a gift of the Holy Spirit and some don’t realize its huge and significant meaning. Sometimes one should go through a hard trial. Afterwards humanity will not regret that they wasted time for no purpose. The meaning of life ind its purport is one of themes indirectly discussed in the novel.

Murderous love (Metaphor)

Valentine, Jace’s father, is a heartless person, who doesn’t believe in love and feelings, which person can get. Jace realizes one thing - “to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed”. His father teaches him to be cruel since his childhood. And in result Jace becomes an insensible guy, especially when Valentine kills a tame eagle in front of his son. It is a pity when a person never experiences pleasure of love. And thanks God, Clary is able to change Jace’s idea about love.

Like a ghost (Simile)

Jace always has a habit to be unnoticeable. He doesn’t like to attract much attention and that’s why “he vanishes into the alley shadows like a ghost”. This comparison means that Jace disappears insensibly and this obscurity doesn’t give possibility for his enemies to follow him.

Desperate Clary’s soul (Simile)

Before meeting with Jace, Clary spends her time with her best friend Simon in the coffee bar. When Simon asks her “what does she want”, she answers “just coffee. Black- like her soul”. This comparison shows Clary’s obsolescence and her mental tiredness and fatigue towards life.

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