City of Bones Imagery

City of Bones Imagery


The Shadowhunters are humans literally descended from angels, whose powers come from their ancient angelic blood. When Shadowhunters fight they assign angel names to their seraph blades, which gives the weapons power in battle. The plot revolves around finding the Mortal Cup, a chalice infused with the angel Raziel’s powers to give the powers of the Nephilim to regular mortals.

The color black

Shadowhunters wear the color black in combat, and when Clary’s donning of combat gear represents her descent into the Shadow world. Demon blood is also black, and as the characters go on various missions and kill monsters, the color black presents itself several times.


Clary and her mother are both artists, and at the beginning of the novel readers see them engaging in multiple art projects. Jocelyn has a portrait of the man who she claims is Clary’s father, which helps reinforce the false past she has created for herself. At the end of the novel, Clary uses her artistic skills and her unique Shadowhunter powers to summon the Mortal Cup.


Clary first encounters the Shadow World when she goes to Pandemonium Club with Simon and witnesses a demon murder in the middle of the party. She learns more about the information her mother hid from her when she goes to Magnus Bane’s party and asks him about her mother.

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