City of Bones Characters

City of Bones Character List

Clarissa Adele "Clary" Fairchild

A 15 years old Shadowhunter that ended up living as a mundane when her mother ran away from her father. Her mother is Jocelyn Fray and her father is Valentine Morgenstern. She has an older brother named Jonathan. Because she had the Sight since an early age, her mother took her to Magnus to cast a spell on her that would prevent her from seeing the Shadow World. Clary starts to see them when the spell fails to be redone after two years.

Jonathan "Jace" Wayland

Described as being the best Shadowhunter of his generation. He is 17 years old and was adopted by the Lightwood family after his father was killed when he was 10 years old. It is later discovered that Michael Wayland was actually Valentine and that Jace is Valentine’s son. He is impulsive but loyal to those he loves.

Simon Lewis

A mundane, Clary’s best friend who is in love with her. Simon meets Clary when she was 6 years old and became inseparable since then. He is described as having a geeky appearance, with glasses, brown hair and always wearing band t-shirts.

Isabelle "Izzy’" Lightwood

Alec’s younger sister, a beautiful Shadowhunter with black hair and dark brown eyes and tall. She is a skilled Shadowhunter and very attached to her brother and her step brother, Jace.

Alec Lightwood

The oldest child in the Lightwood family and also Jace’s parabatai. He is at first cold towards Clary because he developed romantic feelings towards Jace and he saw her as a threat and also as a person that makes Jace do things that puts him in danger.

Luke Garroway

A Shadowhunter born Lucian Graymark who grew up in Idris. He was a member of The Circle and also Valentine’s parabati. He was turned a werewolf and was betrayed by Valentine who told him to kill himself. He felt in love with Jocelyn and after she ran away from Valentine, he searched her and remained with her, becoming Clary’s parental figure.

Hodge Starkweather

A former Shadowhunter and the tutor at the Institute in New York. He was a member of the Circle and as a punishment, he was cursed to never leave the Institute. He ends up betraying the Clave by giving Valentine the Mortal Cup and Jace in exchange for his freedom.

Valentine Morgenstern

The founder of the Circle and a believer that all downworlders must die in order to have a pure world. He is Jocelyn’s husband and has two children, Clary and Jonathan. He kidnaps Jocelyn to obtain the Mortal Cup. He is a cruel man that is willing to sacrifice his family for his cause.

Jocelyn Fray

A shadowhunter and Clary’s mother. She ran away from her husband, Valentine and hide in the human world with Clary and Luke. She is described as having red curly hair, tall and with a slim figure.

Madame Dorothea

A mundane adopted by a warlock who lives in the same apartment building as Clary and her mother. She guards the portal in Clary and Jocelyn's apartment. And is later possessed by Abbadon.

Magnus Bane

The High Warlock of Brooklyn who put a spell on Clary and later healed Alec when he was attacked by a demon.

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