City of Ashes Quotes


“You never love anything like you love your children. And nothing can make you angrier.”


A mother’s love is the most mysterious and inexplicable feeling which exists in our life. It is sometimes rather incomprehensible and no one can unravel its meaning and understand its essence. This gift is only peculiar to those women who really love their children. This feeling cannot be compared with a usual love, because it is blind enough to forget different insults, offences and humiliations from your own children. Women, who experienced all charms of sleepless nights and difficult moments of the upbringing, always understand it. The power of the mother’s love knows no bounds. It is so strong and powerful that can provoke the envy of others. Despite the fact that Maryse is a foster mother of Jace, she always loves her son. She has always known just who he is. And he walked into her heart at first sight. And this strong feeling proves that not only birth-mother, but also foster can sacrifice her life for the sake of her child. Motherhood can work miracles, and, as we see in the story, it is the best support that a child can get.

“Family is more than blood.”


Family is very important in everybody’s life. Family is the closest, loving people. These people give warmth and help in difficult situations. Family is one’s cozy, safe and a little world, where everything is friendly, familiar and dear. A real family is more than just to be relatives. This is a particular relevance to each other, love, mutual respect and assistance. The native parents are not those people who gave birth to you. The main heroine Clary is confident that Valentine is not her father. He didn’t bring up Clary and didn't take care of her. He wasn’t ready to give up his life for Clary. But Luke is a person who is always ready to care about Clary and make her happy. The native people are a gift of the fate. And a family is one’s reliable shelter in this large and sometimes unfriendly world.

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